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That means the tracks you submit can be submitted elsewhere to other libraries or opportunities.

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Get compensated for your music that is already being used! And if you're stopping by because you're looking to license some music, Jamendo Licensing also does it the best. Marmoset has curated a truly beautiful music library.

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Just make sure you follow the submission guidelines listed on their website to see if you qualify for this fantastic sync licensing music library. When it comes the user experience UX of their platform, no one does it quite as good as Artlist. Their platform is doing an impeccable job of simplifying the music licensing process for filmmakers. For artists, if your application gets accepted, your music will be used on a non-exclusive basis.

That makes this just one more opportunity to expand your reach, and a great one at that! Nightingale Music is a Toronto-based, internationally recognized and independently owned music company.

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They've serviced the film, television and multi-media industries for over 30 years. Just take one look at their impressive reel of placements recently and you'll be ready to submit some of your music.

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Their submission email is placed on the footer of their website, but if you read my book, you'll know it's never okay to send your music as a file attachment, so please don't make this mistake. Just keep that in mind before submitting any music to them. RX Music is a leading music consultancy in North America. They help clients across the globe create distinctive sensory experiences through strategic and creative use of music. Their programming team is always looking for new and exciting music, so drop them a line!

Directional Music has curated a music library that truly caters to the independent artist. Offering both non-exclusive and exclusive artist deals, you retain full ownership over all your tracks. Just take a look at their FAQ and read through all the specifics prior to submitting your music to them. This is a library you'll definitely want to be a part of. Audiosocket is another one of our favorite music licensing companies.

They choose the artists they work with carefully to maintain the consistency and quality of the music they maintain. I recommend you choose wisely when selecting your songs for submission.

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Excellent stuff. Music Vine is based in Leeds, UK and represents some of the most esteemed and exciting independent musicians in the world. They boast clients ranging from marketing agencies and global brands to independent filmmakers and hobbyists. For artists, Music Vine encourages the submission of exclusive music but also accepts non-exclusive music. They do have a cool referral program where you can boost your percentage payouts on placements. The Prodigy — Firestarter How it changed dance music: Ever since Charly in , The Prodigy were dishing out bombastic singles that never bowed down to record label pressure but still managed to conquer the charts.

Who it influenced: Firestarter brought punk to the dancefloor, bringing the harder influences of rave and Moving Shadow records to the mainstream. Aphex Twin — Windowlicker How it changed dance music: From the warped mind of Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin, Windowlicker is arguably the strangest crossover hit ever to reach the public consciousness, with its walls of distorted bass and groans somehow turning this abstract record into alternative club classic.

It still haunts many to this day. Who it influenced: Introducing the world to the divisive genre of IDM intelligent dance music , Windowlicker had a big impact on Squarepusher, Autechre and even contemporary classical composers like Philip Glass. How did that combination originally come about? Well, Garnier has explained that he was booked to play a jazz festival and thought it would be rude to solely play techno music.

How it changed dance music: When One More Time hit the airwaves, the era of the superclub was in full dominance.

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Cue two robots who yearned to be born in Chicago but instead merged the sound of vintage soul and Frankie Knuckles with an indescribable yet insatiable French touch. One More Time glistened like Studio 54 had been transported to Paris and house music found its second coming in the form of French house.

Brimming with orchestral strings and punching kick drums, Racing Green helped introduce soul into a genre known for its toughness. How it changed dance music: Belgium gave us the hardstyle genre of EBM Electronic body music , but it was Ghent natives Soulwax who brought it to the mainstream arena and then expanded on it exponentially. Who it influenced: E Talking made dance music trendy with skinny-jeaned indie kids and kickstarted a new era of dance music where bands and producers began to entwine.

It turned a scrappy indie jam into a slick but unwieldy dancefloor filler. It was a staple of club nights across the UK and beyond. Who it influenced: It turned Simian into Simian Mobile Disco and helped birth the brief but generation-informing era of new rave. How it changed dance music: Before dubstep became shorthand for wobbly remixes uploaded to YouTube, Archangel - produced by the mysterious Burial - marked the evolution of Jamaican dub and jungle and became a haunting score to modern life. Who it influenced: Archangel became a precursor for post-dubstep acts like James Blake, The xx and Mount Kimbie, while even pop stars like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift have incorporated Burial-esque sounds into their music.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that the Croydon producer was just a teenager at the time. Au Seve was the precursor to a fresh incarnation of house music that has since inspired countless bedroom producers. Who it influenced: Au Seve introduced us to a new take on UK house music, which would lead to Disclosure, Bicep and more. How it changed dance music: With its sultry tones and sincere lyrics of love, Latch is a modern ode to the heartfelt house music of Frankie Knuckles and Joe Smooth.

It was inescapable for several years but never grew old.



It also introduced the world to one Sam Smith, who has done rather well for himself since this early star turn. Who it influenced: Latch acquainted Chicago house to a new audience and helped take dance music to new heights as a live experience. From Las Vegas to festivals around the world, live dance music is booming more than ever. It proved that UK club music can nod to the past while still forging new paths for the future.

Your music will hit digital stores like Spotify and Apple Music in no time. We're excited to have you as part of our robust, successful and diverse music community. TuneCore never takes a cut of your sales. Every penny you earn is put right into your TuneCore account. Find out exactly where fans are downloading and streaming your music so you can increase marketing efforts and plan tours around those cities. TuneCore Social is a social media marketing tool for musicians that lets you post and schedule unlimited updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Mixcloud.

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